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Saturday, July 30, 2011


SlowBucks is a platform designed for unsigned artists to get prepared, educated, and guided on the whole process of dealing with a label. Both Slow and Bucks gave their depiction on the game and how a lot of artists who are novice to the mechanics of the industry unfortunately fall short because they are not knowledgeable about the different aspects of the music industry. The website gives artists an opportunity to market and promote their music as well as themselves as artists at an affordable rate. While both give respect to other sites who offer parallel services, Slow and Bucks stress the fact that they are aiding artists from a financial standpoint as well as giving them an opportunity to gain full exposure for their music projects; solely giving focus to them and not being over shadowed by aspects that do not relate back to music on the site. In fact, SB just finished their first of many contests in which the artist wins $100,000, which is part of their Artist Development deal. Up and coming rapper J-Lie was the first winner and in the next three months SB will be picking another lucky artist for this competition. If that’s not enough SB is also giving striving artists a chance to be featured on an official mix tape released by SlowBucks, which will be hosted by a big name DJ.
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