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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Dunk Xchange Chicago Pics

So we are in Chicago for the Dunk Xchange.
Here is what we saw who we were with
And the fun we had.
Chicago 2016 possible Olympics?????
The best spot!!!!!!

The upside down shot.. lol But you know when
you in Chi Town you gotta see the statue

The food from the best spot
The right angle picture ..
X in front of the Jordan statue United Center
Getting my slurpee on damn even the drink matches
You already know
Chicago subway system
Had to see the sites.
Had to catch a White Sox Game
Great Seats
The sneakers in the hotel room Damn
that many for 1 day
Yep that many
The cubs statium
Thats right your boy Suraj with
The son of MJ
Mr. Marcus Jordan
Dave Jeff from PHLI
New homie Josh
Gary from DXC stressed
The winner of our sneaker raffle..
Crazy Line UP
The tour The Sixth Boro reppin HARD
New homie AJ from sole addiction
Marcu JORDAN reppin The Sixth Boro
X and Marcus
Flip Jays doing his thing
His wife and his Eminem 4's
Stained already
Peace Chi we out
4 AM tired we out great trip
We back Jersey. What a pic from our private G5. LOL
What It could happen.....

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