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Monday, April 20, 2009

It was a pretty good trip to orange county. It was a new experience for me, I never been to the West Coast. Thanks to one of my best friends, that is like family to me Suraj. First night there really didn't do much, just walked around downtown Disney. It was a new surrounding for me...

While looking for food, I came across a "jack in the box". I always see the commercial back up in jersey but never came across until Friday. That burger that I ate was "banging" I also had strawberry Fanta soda but like the employees call it "fountain drink" when I placed my order I was laughing because if anyone has seen the George Lopez standup comedy, u will know where I’m coming from when he’s making fun of Jack In The Box when ordering through the drive thru.

The main reason I was in Cali was for Dunk Xchange. I was promoting the new upcoming store The Sixth Boro plus I was raffling a pair of Air Griffey Max and a white G-Shock. It was Curtis and Gary’s first show in downtown LA, It didn't do what they expected, but the turnout was good. Hey people have to experiment and give things and new places a try. The location in downtown LA reminded me of home, it was cool. And it was a new thing from the other Dunk Xchange’s I have been to. It had vendors outside and a grill going that was pretty cool. The crowd was way different compared to New York and nobody was hype beasting on the prices. I did a lot of networking and promoting, I repped Jersey and the east coast letting them know they aren’t ready. I met a lot of new people that were real cool and showed luv even met a dude that was from Jersey. Even at the end of the show Curtis and Gary had me moving tables. I think I should have been on the Dunk Xchange payroll. lol. Mad luv to you guys. Curtis and Sabrina thanks for dinner, the food was great expect for the

Overall the trip was good I wish I could have stayed longer, but I’ll tell you this I’ll be back. Check out the pics from the trip. Thanks Suraj for the experience. The Sixth Boro is going hard, this is just the beginning. Next stop Chi-Town next Saturday...I went hard in LA. Now we go even harder in Chi-Town.

Shout out..Suraj, Nick, Pat, Curtis, and Gary

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